A bright idea for your bottom line.

Take control of your energy procurement and maximize savings, support local clean energy, and advance your corporate impact goals without the challenges and costs of on-site solar. Join 100+ corporate entities in subscribing to our Community Solar Gardens. ​​


Easily expand your sustainability goals and support local communities.

A Sunscription to a Community Solar Garden allows businesses to benefit from solar energy without the expense. With a Sunscription to Community Solar, as soon as your Solar Garden comes online, you’ll receive money-saving Solar Credits on your electric bill each month for supporting clean energy. ​

Save On Your Energy Costs

Based on your state’s community solar program, we offer competitive discount rates and flexibility to find the right option for your organization.​​

Support Your Local Community

​​Boost the local economy with good-paying jobs and an increased tax base. Explore our partner opportunities to further benefit your community and offer unique benefits to employees to support them in their own sustainability goals. ​

Advance Your Corporate Mission​

As more companies move towards renewable generation, consumers, investors and employees like to see the impact of solar on a company’s financials as well as the environment. ​Solar power is now the most cost-effective form of energy generation, as well as one of the cleanest. Solar does not emit air pollution or require water to operate. Our Solar Gardens are planted with native grasses and pollinator-friendly habitat, further enhancing the water, soil and air quality in the surrounding area.

Control Costs

Based on your state's program, we offer competitive options and flexibility.


We Are a Trusted Partner​

We manage over 4,000 subscribers, including national and regional businesses, school districts, cities, universities and residential customers totaling more than 285,000,000 kWh in subscriptions. We are proud to support a variety of commercial clients in advancing their energy goals and are committed to excellent customer service throughout the process. ​​

As a market leader with over 150 MW of solar in operation and over 750 MW in development, our deep experience in community solar makes us a trusted partner in solar development and project success. ​

"Walmart plans to tirelessly pursue renewable energy projects that are right for our customers, our business and the environment. This community solar gardens initiative with US Solar is moving us in the right direction toward our renewable energy goals."

Mark Vanderhelm
Vice President of Energy for Walmart Inc

“This is honestly kind of a no-brainer.”

I signed up for US Solar about a year ago and it has been a wonderful experience. I typically save about $30-$60 per month on my electric bills, and currently, Xcel Energy owes me over $200 in credits for the power that my portion of the solar garden has added to the grid. This is honestly kind of a no-brainer.

Jordan K.
Minnesota Subscriber since 2019

“Have referred many friends and relatives.”

18 months in....just love this program....have referred many friends and relatives....love the program...savings....and their service

Jerry F.
Minnesota Subscriber since 2019
How it works

Energy from sunwhere else.

A Sunscription allows electric customers in one place to benefit from a Community Solar Garden located somewhere else.

Community Solar Garden

US Solar, our development partner, will finance, build and manage a Solar Garden for Sunscription members. It generates clean energy for your utility. ​

Your Sunscription

Your Utility continues to supply electricity to your organization and will give you a Bill Credit every month based on the amount of electricty that Solar Garden generates and your Sunscription size. ​

Electric Utility

Your Utility continues to supply electricity to your organization and will give you a Bill Credit every month based on the amount of electricity that Solar Garden generates and your Sunscription size. ​

Your Impact

After your Community Solar Garden is online you will be able to monitor the energy production of that garden and measure your Sunscription’s environmental impact and savings. ​