Good, clean sun.

A Sunscription allows you to save money, support local clean energy, and have more control over your power without ever installing panels on your roof.

Join your neighbors in a Community Solar Garden

8% Savings

On Solar Credits. Connect your account to see a full estimate of your savings.
Nothing on your roof.
Savings with $0 down.
$100 Sunscription Bonus

If you signup today. Your Sunscription Bonus will be available within your account.

Increase Your Local Impact

When you join a community solar garden and use a get started link below, we'll make a donation to increase your local impact.

Solar United Neighbors

Join your neighbors in a Community Solar Garden and support Solar United Neighbors

When you join a Solar Garden through Solar United Neighbors, we help support their mission.

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It’s as easy as sun, two, three.

We want to put the power of the sun to work for everyone. That starts with making clean energy accessible and simple.

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Create an account and find a local Community Solar Garden.

Connect your electric utility account

Sunscription will build a custom estimate of your savings and impact.

Secure your spot in a Solar Garden

As members join a garden, we start building the Solar Garden.

Receive Solar Credits & Save

As soon as your Solar Garden comes online, you'll receive money-saving Solar Credits on your electric bill each month for supporting clean energy.


Solar that doesn't go on your roof.

Are you interested in solar? Unlike rooftop solar, a Sunscription lets you save money on your utility bill and support renewable energy with no upfront costs and nothing on your roof.

Rooftop Solar

No fees to get started
No change to your roof
No system installation
Inclusive for homeowners and renters


Savings on your electric bill
Greater savings after 25 Years


Supports local energy production
Supports pollinator habitat restoration
Easily cancel
Easy to transfer if you move

Frequently asked questions

How do Solar Credits and payments work?

After your Solar Garden goes live, you’ll receive Solar Credits on your electric utility bill, reducing what you owe to your utility. The amount of Solar Credits you receive is based on the amount of energy your Solar Garden generates onto the electric grid. You’ll pay Sunscription a reduced rate for these Solar Credits, saving you money.  The difference between your Solar Credits deducted from your bill and your reduced payments to Sunscription is your monthly savings. We track your credits, payments and savings each month so it’s easy to follow.

$Solar Credits  -  $ Sunscription Payments  =  $ Savings

How much money will I save?

Savings are an incentive for choosing to support clean energy and reduce your community's carbon footprint. Savings rates will differ based on available programs. Connect your electric utility account to see your personal savings estimate.

How do I connect my account and join?

Start by creating a Sunscription account, then connect your electric utility account via the guided prompts. Once you connect your electric utility information, you will see your estimated savings and environmental impact. After everything is set up with your account, we go to work to locate an available Solar Garden and secure your spot.

Will I ever pay more as a member of a Sunscription Solar Garden?

No, your Community Solar Sunscription is designed to save you money. Your Sunscription payment is always lessless than the utility bill discount you receive from your Solar Credits. For current Solar Gardens, you only pay Sunscription for Solar Credits you receive each month at a reduced rate. There are no additional fees to participate. You pay any remaining balance on your electricity bill not eliminated by these Solar Credits as usual. Contact our team of coordinators if you have further questions about joining a Solar Garden and how Solar Credits help you save.

What is a Solar Garden and why should I join?

Community Solar is a state-led initiative helping individuals, businesses and municipalities support clean energy without needing to install panels on their roof.  A Solar Garden is an array of solar panels located on land near the community it serves, it’s members receive the benefits as long as they live in the same utility territory. The Solar Garden generates clean energy, distributing the energy onto the electric grid and reducing the need to burn fossil fuels in far-off power plants to produce energy. Some Solar Gardens can be larger than multiple football fields! Since the panels are lifted off the ground, the space underneath is often filled with native vegetation and pollinator-friendly habitat. As we continue to set more and more ambitious goals for a clean energy future, people like you are playing an even larger and more important part in supporting clean energy.

Why are Solar Credits higher in some months and lower in other months?

Solar Credits are based on the production of the Solar Garden, so you’ll receive more credits on your bill (and save more overall) during sunny summer months, when the garden is able to produce more energy. Any excess credits roll over each month for most programs.

What if I move or cancel?

No problem! If you plan to move, you can easily transfer to your new home, the new home buyer, or cancel your agreement by contacting our team. Cancellation terms are available for review based on your program when you begin the enrollment process.

When will my Solar Garden go live?

It takes on average a year to 18 months to build a Solar Garden. Since Solar Gardens have limited capacity and interest in supporting solar is skyrocketing, we work several months in advance of each Garden’s completion to secure your spot. Wait times of a few months or more are normal while we work to bring your Solar Garden online and finish construction. We will keep you updated on progress along the way.

How can I track my savings?

You can simply track your savings each month through your Sunscription account using your login.

How can I track my environmental impact?

Your account will automatically track your impact and help you understand how your choice to support clean energy benefits your local community.

Is my house powered by solar now?

No, by joining this Solar Garden you are contributing to the development of more local solar energy that is being distributed directly onto your local electric grid.

Does this change my electric service or Utility?

No, there is no change to the electric service of your home or buildings. Sunscription is not a Utility or Retail Energy Supplier.

Why join Sunscription?

A Sunscription is your trusted pathway to Community Solar. It allows you to save money on your energy bill, support local clean energy, and have more control over your power. You can access the benefits of solar without the costs of installing panels on your roof.